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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of memberships that Westhaven HUB offers?

'The Weekender' Membership for those who only need access on Saturdays and Sundays.

The HUB Membership for first come, first serve seating in our communal work area. 

Dedicated Desk Membership is a permanent desk within our shared work space. 

Private Office Membership for an office with a lockable door and nightly cleaning. 

To see what else is included in each membership visit our Home Page.

What is Westhaven HUB's cancellation policy?

As outlined in our membership agreement, Westhaven HUB requires a 30 day written cancellation notice for our Communal Membership and Weekender Membership. A written 60 day notice is required for our Dedicated Desk and Private Offices.

What are your building hours? When are you open?

Westhaven HUB is open twenty four hours a day and seven days every week. Our HUB App allows access to the building depending on the selected membership.

What are the additional fees for reservation credits, printing, etc.?

Westhaven HUB does not charge any additional fees for our amenities. Printing and meeting room reservations are both included with any membership.

When is my first month's membership fee due?

Security Deposits are required for all private office and dedicated desk memberships. These will be equivalent to one month’s membership amount and due before your move-in date. Your first month’s membership is due on the first of the month. Please note that you must pay both fees before moving into your Westhaven HUB space.

How can I view my invoice?

All invoices can be viewed on the HUB App included with your membership.

What amenities does the Westhaven HUB offer?

We offer a multitude of different amenities, including a Member App, 24 Hour building access, coffee, meeting room space, Golf cart parking, Professional social events, etc. To see the amenities we offer, visit our Home Page.

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